Дошло је до грешке

Signing in with an electronic certificate was unsuccessful for one of the following reasons:

1. The certificate reader is not turned on properly. The indicator lamp on the device should be lit.

2. You did not insert the card with the electronic certificate all the way into the card reader or you did not orient it correctly (in most readers, the chip should be facing up and should not be visible when the card is in the reader).

3. You have not properly installed all necessary software for using the electronic certificate. Check if the electronic certificate can be read in the storage of personal certificates (Control Panel/ Internet Options/ Content/ Certificates/ Personal).

4. You tried to sign in with an electronic certificate through the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox, which is not configured to work with an electronic certificate. Contact the certification authority the certificate of which you are using regarding obtaining settings for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

5. The Internet browser did not read the electronic certificate correctly. Close and then open your Internet browser, then try to sign in again.

6. Check whether you have multiple softwares for multiple certification authorities installed on your computer.